Watching Us Grow

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wow! I haven't posted in such a long time. Tre' is almost 15 months now and so much has changed. He has 1 1/2 teeth, he is walking, talking and has his own curious, independent personality. He are now going to be looking into sending him to daycare in about 3 months. i am so excited for him to meet and interact with new children. He is so smary and so opionated it's amazing.

Words he can say:
No (he does this too well)
Thank You

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jerren's 29th Birthday Celebration
Happy Birthday Uncle Jerren!!!
We had a blast!!

4 Month Check Up
So Tre had his 4 month check up on March 6, 2006. He received a clean bill of health from his doctor and was cleared to start solids. Now folks this is a sight to see. He is so funny. When I first fed him I gave him rice cereal and green peas. And he was doing ok with the rice cereal but when I put peas in his mouth I thought he would explode!!!! His face was so funny. The doctor said he now weighs 16 lbs 11 ozs and is 2' .5 "!! He is growing everyday. We are starting him on organic foods only and I will eventually start making his food. He also had to get his second round of immunizations which I think hurt me more than they hurt him. Here are some pictures of his first bites!! ENJOY!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ok...So Tre' loves ice and Grandpa Dean figured this one out. It was so hot in Scott's room while were getting dressed he decided to give Tre' ice and he loved it!!! He couldn't get enough.

Uncle Jerren and Tre' Tre' loves when his Uncle Jerren comes to visit him. They have so much fun together!!

My first car trip!!! He did such a great job on his first car trip. I was so worried and thought he would be so cranky and crying in the car for our 2 hour trip...but NO...He was GREAT!! He slept all but the last 30 minutes of the trip and woke up to eat and go right back to sleep. Scottie was very happy to see us and loved seeing his son. Scott and I had a great time at the OU Kappa Ball. It felt good to dress up and go out together. We also had a great time hanging with the Granparents!!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Dean for taking the baby back to Cincy.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

So yesterday I set him in front of the mirror and start singing and pointing out his facial features. This was like the best thing ever. He loved it so much and let out the BIGGEST belly laughs I have ever heard come from him. He is the cutest kid!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 today he held his bottle up by himself for the first time!!! He is so grown!! What is it about a baby's first. I am so proud of him.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Let me just say Grandmas are awesome!!! I have been truly blessed not to have to worry about a daycare during the week. My mom watches the baby during the day while I'm at work. Do you know there is nothing like knowing your baby is being fed, changed, cuddled, and loved on while you are away for 8 hours. She always tells me to stop calling so much during the day and that she has raised 3 wonderful children. Yea, I know but you always just have to check on them. This picture is funny because its what I come home to sometimes when Tre' has worn her out.

So....I'm am such a very happy mother today!!! Tre' for the first time sat up by himself today! We were in the church nursery and I sat him in fromt of this toy. He sat up and played with the toy for about a minute. He was laughing and giggling and when he realized I wasn't holding him he fell back. It was so amazing to see this. It is a blessing to see how strong he is getting and all the developmental milestones he passes !!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Congrats to BJ and his girlfriend.. they just had their son on Feb 13, 2006 at (around) 1am!! Parenthood will change your life forever!!! I pray health and prosperity for your family. Tre has been sick for the past month. At first they said he had bronchiolitis and just when we thought he was getting over that he gets stuffy and runny (nose, eyes) all over again. Pray for him in hopes that he doesn't get allergies and asthma as I had bad as a child (and still suffer from time to time) as well as my dad, as they (the doctors) suspect he might. I am not claiming any of that!

Other than being alittle congested and runny..he is doing great!!! He is such a happy baby, and a ladies man. When we brought him to Children's Hospital this past weekend all the ladies were cooing over him and he was just eating it up. He loves to smile and bable on and on about anything his heart desires.

He is trying to hold conversations, and Scott and I are in a frenzy to see whose name he says first...mama or dada..I know it will be mama. I told Scott we can't talk around him because he will be telling all our business!!

He has his 4 month check coming soon..(March 6,2006 @ 9:40a). This one is special because he will begin solids. I am planning on making his food (we will see how long this lasts) so the doctor will be explaining the best way to do so. He also will be getting his 2nd round of shots, which I am not looking forward too! Pray for him. Right now he is 17 lbs 3oz (with his clothes on) and 23 1/2 in. He is getting soooo big sooo fast.

The pic is of him in the hospital waiting to be examined...